Website Design, Development, and Hosting

websitesBuilding a new website can be a daunting task.  First you need to secure a domain name, then you need to come up with a design that is appealing and also functional, then you need content to put on the website.  After the site is running, it needs to be updated to keep the content “fresh”.  Search Engine Optimization is also required to make sure your site can be found.  C.J. Software & Consulting, LLC, can help you every step of the way with website design, development, and hosting in Wausau.

All of these tasks take time and require different skills, but C.J. Software & Consulting, LLC, can help you every step of the way!

Having a website is great, but you need good, quality content to put on the site.  You may have heard the phrase “Content is king”.  In many website projects, getting the website up and running can be relatively simple, but coming up with good content (pictures, videos, verbiage) is rather difficult.  Some clients write their own content and others hire copywriters to come up with their content.  In either case, the content you put on the site can make the difference between someone leaving your site, or calling you as a result of what they see on your site.

Once your site is up and running, you will have the option to maintain the content yourself which can keep your ongoing costs lower, or you can contract me to continue updating your website.

Here are some samples of our work:

C.J. Software & Consulting, LLC is ready to help you with your website design, development, and hosting.  Call or email me today!

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