Virus Detection, Removal and Antivirus Software


Whether your computer is already infected with a virus or malware, or you are looking for a solution to prevent them, C.J. Software & Consulting, LLC can help with virus detection, removal and antivirus software in Wausau.

Today’s viruses are getting smarter and more aggressive, and you need a solution that can stay ahead of the curve, without slowing down your computer as a result.  While there is not a single anti-virus product that is 100% effective, some are better than others at keeping the “bad guys” out of your computer.

Do you think you are already infected?  Some signs to look for are your computer slowing down, pop-up messages when you are browsing the Internet, web searches on the Internet are taking you to unfamiliar search engines or websites, and software that sneaks in to your computer and tells you that all kinds of bad things are found and you need to buy the software to fix your problems.

When a computer is infected, the best case scenario is when the virus can be cleaned out by using one or more pieces of software to detect and remove the virus.  The worst case scenario is when the hard drive needs to be wiped completely clean and the operating system needs to be reinstalled from scratch.  In the event of an operating system reinstallation, I will make every effort possible to get your valuable data off of the computer, which will then be restored to the computer after the operating system is reinstalled.  While I can backup and restore your data, any software applications you had installed will need to be reinstalled afterwards, such as Microsoft Office, antivirus software, games, etc…  Reinstalling these applications also requires that you have the original installation media or downloaded installation file(s), along with any registration codes and keys that are required to activate those products, if needed.  Again, if you do not have these, recovery is more difficult, but not impossible.

If you need help selecting and installing an antivirus product, or you have already been hit with a nasty virus, help is just a email or phone call away with C.J. Software & Consulting, LLC.