Custom Software Solutions

softwareAre you trying to run your business using old software that doesn’t fit your processes and procedures anymore?  Or are you trying to find software to help you run your business, but nothing seems to be a good fit?

When your software is inefficient, you can not run your business at optimal performance.  A custom-tailored software solution may be the ticket to giving you and your business the edge you need to efficiently run your business and service your customers.  Sometimes a solution can be a simple Excel spreadsheet with a few macros to automate your process.  For more complicated and dynamic applications that offer ultimate flexibility to adapt to your changing business, a complete solution is built from the ground-up to meet your specific requirements.

Custom software solutions can be ran on-premise using your hardware, or hosted off-site which can offer the ability to access your data securely from anywhere in the world.

Over the last 25 years, I have designed and developed numerous custom software solutions for a wide variety of industries including manufacturing, fire protection, law, and non-profits.

Examples of my custom software solutions include:

  • Estimating & Quoting
  • Order Entry & Invoicing
  • Purchasing & Procurement
  • Inventory Tracking, including Barcoding
  • Manufacturing/Production Scheduling
  • Manufacturing/Production Job Tracking
  • Manufacturing/Production Job Costing
  • Profitability Reporting
  • Donor/Donation Tracking
  • Court Case Tracking & Court Document Creation

If you are ready to discuss custom software solutions that will help you run your business at peak levels, help is just an email or phone call away with C.J. Software & Consulting, LLC.