Data Backup and Recovery

dataAre you backing up your data?  Has your computer crashed and you are looking for data recovery services?  What would you lose if your computer’s hard drive crashed, or your computer was stolen, or damaged in a fire or other unfortunate incident?  Would you lose all your pictures, music, financial data, and other irreplaceable information?  If so, C.J. Software & Consulting, LLC offers data backup and recovery in Wausau to keep your data safe and secure.

There are many options available to fit your exact needs and budget.  You can backup to an external USB hard drive, which I would recommend as a place to start.  These drives are relatively inexpensive and offer a good level of data protection.  The downside is they do not protect you if the computer and drive are lost or stolen, or in the event of a natural disaster that renders both the computer and attached USB drive unusable.

In order to get the ultimate protection in data backup and recovery, I recommend a multi-destination solution that will backup your data to an external USB hard drive, along with a second backup that is off-site and stored in the cloud.  Having an off-site backup provides multiple benefits.  First of all, since the cloud storage is off-site, it is safe in the event of a lost or stolen computer or a natural disaster because the data isn’t stored in the same close proximity.  Second of all, you can access your online backup from any other device if needed.  For example, let’s say you are away from your computer and you need a file on another computer or want to show someone a file that is stored on your computer.  With an online backup solution, you can log into your online backup account from any other computer with Internet access, and you will have access to your files that have been backed up!

Selecting and installing your data backup and recovery solution is only the 1st step to a successful data security solution.  The other critical part is monitoring the solution to ensure your data continues to be backed up.  I have encountered numerous computers where someone setup a backup at some point in time, and they just assumed it was still working months or years later, when in fact, their computer was no longer backing up their data.  This can happen for many reasons, many beyond your control, and it’s important that any data security solution is actively monitored to ensure it’s ongoing success.

I offer a wide range of data backup and recovery solutions, depending on your needs and budget.  If you are more self-sufficient, I can help you select and install the right backup solution and show you how to monitor it to ensure your data remains safe and secure.  If you’re more of a hands-off type of user who doesn’t want to (or have time) monitor it, I also offer a full-service data security solution where I will monitor your backups daily to ensure they are being done.

If you are ready to secure your data, but don’t know where to start, please give me a call or text at 715-571-9624 or send me an email.  It’s much easier to secure your data proactively than it is to try and recover it after an unfortunate event.